Just the FAQs, Ma'am

Why can’t I scan my brochure and turn it into a Web site?

Eyeballs travel a different path across a computer screen than they do across the printed word. In fact, our interactions with various media formats are almost entirely unique to those formats. So, if you want your message to be effective, you must customize it to the rules of the media you choose. And if someone tells you it’s a good idea to use your brochure on the Web, don’t hire them.

My sister’s brother-in-law’s godmother’s nephew makes Web sites all the time (after he finishes his homework). And he works for Twinkies®! Will you?

Mike would, if we let him. Just the same, we must mention that credibility is the number one commodity on the Web and that your site must be flawless in design, usability, content and accessibility. Now, we’re not saying snack cakes can’t purchase those things; just that it’s likely they won’t. Are you ready to risk your business on that?

I talk the english every day, and I write it real good to. Why should I pay you to make the words on the, you know, paper things about the stuff?

Here’s what a professional copywriter brings to your business: (1) fewer words, more message, (2) format-appropriate content designed for effective message delivery (3) standards of quality and (4) consistency (in message and tone across your entire media presence).